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Annapolis Probate Lawyer

Compassionate, Professional Assistance Along Every Step of the Way

Going through the complicated legal process of probate court after the loss of a loved one can be a difficult experience. At The Law Offices of John Umholtz, LLC, our knowledgeable and experienced probate attorney will partner with you to navigate all the steps of the probate process. We assist executors, administrators, and beneficiaries in the Annapolis and Baltimore areas. Probate law is complex and confusing for those who haven’t been through the process before; that’s what we’re here for.

There are a number of important tasks to be completed for probate, and it can be very time-consuming. It can also be costly to make a mistake. The Law Offices of John Umholtz, LLC will walk you through the process and handle a large portion of probate-related tasks for you. From collecting assets to paying taxes, we can advise you and ensure the probate process is completed correctly. 

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Why Hire An Annapolis Probate Attorney?

When settling an estate in Maryland, it's important to work with an experienced Annapolis probate lawyers who can guide you through the process and ensure that everything is handled properly. At The Law Offices of John Umholtz, LLC, we offer personalized solutions and flexible services to help our clients navigate the complex probate process.

How A Probate Lawyer Can Help

If the deceased never created a will or if the will is invalid, our probate attorneys can help you understand the laws of intestacy in Maryland and determine how the deceased's assets should be distributed. We can also assist with the appointment of a personal representative to manage the estate and help ensure that debts are paid and assets are properly distributed.

If a family member challenges the last will and testament of a loved one after their death, we can help you understand your options and guide you through the legal process. This can include representing you in court, negotiating a settlement, or working to find a resolution that meets your needs and interests.

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At The Law Offices of John Umholtz, LLC, our Annapolis probate lawyers understand that the process can be overwhelming, especially during a difficult time. That's why we provide personalized attention and tailored solutions to help our clients feel comfortable and confident throughout the process. Whether you need help with probate administration, will contests, or any other aspect of settling an estate, we are here to help.

An Annapolis probate lawyer from The Law Offices of John Umholtz, LLC can ensure that your loved one's estate is settled according to Maryland estate planning laws. Contact us at (410) 469-7704 for a consultation.

What Is Probate Court?

Probate is the legal process that oversees the distribution of a deceased person’s assets. Wills must go through probate court, which monitors all the tasks required to distribute the estate. Most estates in Maryland are required to go through probate, but assets in a living trust that can be automatically transferred to beneficiaries do not need to go through probate. For example, retirement accounts and life insurance policies with designated beneficiaries can go straight to the beneficiary without needing to go through probate. Additionally, property that the deceased person owned jointly may be able to forego probate if the other property owners have the right to title.

Who Is Responsible For Opening An Estate and Distributing Assets?

The personal representative named in the will is responsible for opening an estate and identifying all the probate assets that must be distributed. They should address and validate creditor claims and taxes, as well as pay the necessary fees from the estate, before distributing the remaining assets to the heirs. 

What Is Handled in Probate?

Families are understandably emotional after the loss of a loved one and handling the probate process can seem impossible during this time. 

An experienced probate attorney can be your guide throughout the process and help with a wide variety of tasks, including: 

  • Identifying and securing estate assets 
  • Having the decedent’s property appraised 
  • Paying the decedent’s outstanding bills and debt
  • Determining whether or not estate taxes are owed
  • Preparing and filing all documents required by the probate court 
  • Transferring titles from the decedent’s name to the appropriate beneficiaries 
  • Making final distributions of the decedent’s assets to the appropriate beneficiaries 
  • Negotiating disputes and representing clients in probate litigation 

Let us shoulder the legal burden of probate court while you focus on your emotional wellbeing. Schedule a free consultation with The Law Offices of John Umholtz, LLC to get started.

How Long Does Probate Take?

The length of the probate process will depend on the size and complexity of the estate. Generally, probate can take months to a year. The process can take even longer if complications arise, such as if family members contest the terms of a will.

There is a simplified probate process in Maryland for estates worth less than $30,000 ($50,000 if the estate is passed to a surviving spouse), however. “Small estate” proceedings are typically completed within 2 months.

In times of grief, you should not be overburdened with legal jargon and complex proceedings. Don’t go through a legal process as complicated as probate alone when you can enlist the help of an experienced and compassionate professional. At The The Law Offices of John Umholtz, LLC, the client is always our priority; we will do our best to protect your rights and interests every step of the way and make sure you come out of the process with a favorable outcome.

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