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Buying or selling a property is a large transaction. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting, it is essential that you ensure your interests are protected. An experienced real estate attorney in Annapolis can review contracts to ensure they support your interests and provide services to make the process easier for you. They can also help you resolve real estate-related disputes through negotiation or courtroom litigation. 

The Law Offices of John Umholtz are highly knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to Maryland real estate law and the many legal issues that can arise in a real estate transaction. Whether you just need a bit of advice or need an attorney to represent you in court, our real estate lawyer in Annapolis is prepared to meet your needs with a personalized solution.

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Maryland Real Estate Cases We Handle

Our Annapolis real estate lawyer performs a number of tasks like attending closings, reviewing documents, and mediating disputes. Our firm can provide a wide variety of legal services related to real estate, including: 

  • Draft/Review Contract of Sale 
  • Deeds of Trust 
  • Foreclosure Services 
  • Rental Agreement Review 
  • Property Transfer 
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes 

Deeds and Contracts of Sale

Real estate contracts are important agreements that lay out the terms and conditions of a sale, including how litigation may be handled in the future. 

A few important elements that a contract should have are:

  • A written agreement signed by both parties that identifies the property and the basic terms of the contract. In fact, Md. Code Ann., Real Prop. § 5-103 establishes that no interest in land may be “assigned, granted, or surrendered, unless it is in writing signed by the party assigning, granting, or surrendering it.
  • Statutory disclosures can include things like where deposits will be placed by the broker, certain land that cannot be used for residential purposes, application of certain laws, etc. Not including disclosures does not invalidate the contract, but it does mean the seller can rightfully be sued for their failure to disclose.
  • A deed is to be filed for the complete transfer of property. The deed should contain a specific description of the property, identifications of the seller and buyer, the seller’s signature, and the property witnessed.

An real estate lawyer in Annapolis, MD at The Law Offices of John Umholtz, LLC can better help you create and understand your contract of sale, deed, and property transfer to ensure the fine print meets your needs and interests.

Rental Agreements in Maryland

Lease or rental agreements establish the terms of the rental relationship between the landlord and the tenant. 

In order to be legally enforceable, the rental agreement should specify:

  • how notice requirements will be provided;
  • circumstances for late fees;
  • renter protection from certain lease provisions;
  • maximum security deposit of 2 month’s rent (to be returned within 45 days of lease termination);
  • other terms deemed relevant.

If either party violates the terms of their lease, the agreement may be terminated. For instance, if a renter violates the terms of their agreement by failing to pay rent, the landlord may take action to (1) request the tenant to remedy their errors, or (2) proceed with an eviction case if the tenant does not do so. 

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Landlord and Tenant Rights in MD

Landlord-tenant disputes often arise due to miscommunication or violation of either party’s rights. 

Some important landlord and tenant rights to keep in mind include:

  • A landlord’s duty to provide renters with a “habitable” property with basic utilities and a “covenant of quiet enjoyment” (i.e., not unreasonably bothering renters).
  • A tenant’s protection against landlord retaliation (e.g., they cannot be evicted merely for making a good faith complaint to the landlord, suing the landlord, or joining a renters’ organization).
  • A tenant’s duty to return the property to the landlord at the date agreed upon in the lease.
  • A tenant’s duty to return the property in the same condition they received it in.
  • A tenant’s fair housing anti-discrimination rights.
  • A tenant’s right to withhold rent if a landlord fails to address important repairs.

Disputes may arise in a variety of contexts beyond the rights listed above, so it is advisable to consult an experienced Annapolis real estate law attorney for legal support if you are facing any backlash as a tenant or a landlord. Whether your case can be negotiated outside of court or needs to proceed to litigation, The Law Offices of John Umholtz can help.

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